Monday, February 15, 2010

why?tell me?why am i so suay? keep losing money! luck like shit or what. haha. when to joyce ma'am house to celebrate rj bday. happy birthday! ate steamboat again and gamble for a period of time. haha.

i wan IPHONE sia! so envy and envious ppl have tat. i wan games hahaha. today is a typical new year day.tmr hopefully wont cream buffet,movie i dun wan. haha waste money lor.tmr can see everyone wear ny clothes confirm swee de. haha

still very awake now. dun feel like slpin yet but soon i will be knocked out.

bye! lady luck i desperately nid u right now now now! haha

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

haha totally boring without my com.i can die man. finally i can use my dad's com. for today tis post might be slightly many things happened.ooh ya happy birthday mole mole! hahaha

sorry guys had to ps u all.tuesday i confirm i wont. haha any suggestion where to go?everyone should visiting ppl house now right?hahah.ate buffet ytd reunion lunch den at night reunion dinner.bloody full my stomach bursting le. haha

i duno what to write leh.sian sian sian. haha erm... watching tv now.went to orchard area to slack somehow quite tired.

there's a ching kee shin cup exciting one... looking forward to tat cup.haha.watched alot of jackie chan show last night haha. knocked out by 2 pm plus plus. haha

i think tat's all. haha next posted maybe will be like... duno haha. BYE! happy valentines to everyone too

fk up hair!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

celebrating sut's and jane's birthday today at tis **** up place. so called marina barrage. its not yet finish constructppl already there playing wif their stupid kites! wtF!!! slap their faces ah.

enjoy the most is when tk and tara almost kiss. OMG! hahaha and eat the ice cream cake. yummy! its not my birthday come'on dun touch my face wif the cake on ur hand. ah!!! disgusting can. hahaha.

waited for shuttle bus to marina bay mrt inter. saw welson holding a girl hand. haha gross! omg la. darren withdraw money, tease indian! haha funny.

when to orchard ion to buy some stuff and went topman saw my jacket again. wa lao no money buy! sian... new pants cost me 49. ah!!! EX EX EX. haha

went to ikea eat our dinner. on diet dun wan eat and no money. shit i hate money la! played catching in the warehouse haha. dirty floors. tk bladder problem!! keep goin to the gents. hahaha!

carrying my big big bag tat let me got caught by 2 little girl.guess who is the 2 girl? Ameline and Jane leh! shit tat is impossible la. haha no la. its possible la. hahaha they so "fast" haha nid stamina again. went home wif soon liang and riduan. alk home and planning to go soon liang's house stayover gamer room! haha

download tis hamachi to play red alert 2. shit 1plus hour still cant play! bullshit. hahaha
now is 4plus to 5 le. tired but having man's talk. me? posting tis shocking news.


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Monday, December 14, 2009

enjoy tis trip alot especially during the competition days. haha. sat was my poomsae(pattern) and demo aerobics. haha. and the junior's sparring. got medals for both. haha. was pleased wif my performance. the amazing ma'am in acme joyce ma'am got 5 golds. she wished tat it was sea games gold total 50k. haha. rich le. haha.

slept rather late everyday cos nervous and nid practice. sunday my match was the 2nd bout. super fast. won and next bout was bout 6! follow by 17. haha lost to vincent the third round got 4th. sigh... very sad! haha we even promise each other not to abandon each other adn meet at the third round eventually we did. haha in the ring!! no frens. outside ring! frens best frens. haha


went back hotel and every morning there's buffet for breakfast sad for me and kai jun. cos we dun eat breakfast de. scared will keep goin to the toilet. hahaha. i participate in the jumping front too at the last minute. haha. tat was the best part for tyhe whole thing beside everything. haha

i lost still, cos didn't even jump haha. saw my photo. haha. wasted 10 RM. haha but worth. fun though. reached hotel get changed and went for dinner wif ACME and ruch to the night market. (jonker streets) haha bough shirt,slipper, and lots and lots of snacks to eat.

planning to watch soccer match and since me and tk shared the same room wif melvin... boring so we invited kevee, kai jun, wei zhen, rui jie and vincent to join us for the match.bought snacks to eat. Liverpool againist Aseneral. cool. 1-2... sian. i straight snored after the match hahaha. so shag after the sparrin match.

the best day ever is sunday. haha

the story is too damn long. BYE! pics will be post asap! thanks for the lucks ACME and support

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hey! tmr is my trip le. have been expecting tis trip for long period of time le. now all tis waiting and training is needed for tis trip. hahaha. sat is my competition le same as SEA games. my sir JASON sir is competing. wish him all the best. haha. make s'pore proud!!

me? just make ACME proud hahaha. 1st time went for a trip with tk most probably will be fun. haha. hopefully i wont lose my passport again bah and departure card. haha ooh ya and my wallet. i hate toilet!!haha

coming back on monday. woh~ shiok play and injured myself like hell.


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

went to orchard road to slack wif our cliques. its was fun at the beginning but at the end totally sucks. lazy to say out the whole story. took alot of unglam pics and somehow i'm called the mad man! haha.ate alot of food but still hope to slim. i seriously think my legs are huge. i hate them. hahaha

morning training again. late again! hahah should kick off tis bad habit. late-ness!! quite slack for training maybe sir dun wan to injure us before the trip. time pass like rocket. 2 more days to R.I.P hahaha. when i'm dead dun miss me. haha just kidding. and 9 more days to N level result. shivering already. haha scared!

bye~ pics in facebook.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

dion pattinson. haha
me and dixon!

me and soon liang!

me and anthony!

wei zhen and me!

guitar hero

walk in christmas tree. cool isn't it?

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got swollen instep and a swollen so pain. haha morning traning as usual. training for malacca which is 4days ahead. woh~ hahaha. went to wei zhen stayover, played so many games. haha wif anthony and soon liang haha. keep drinking water and went to the washroom umpteen times. shit! got my pay le 40 plus only. die! i wan money. haha.

went to orchard too wif dixon, soon liang, anthony, wei zhen and veron. haha had kfc for dinner spent like 20 plus sigh... controlling. i lost a kg le. yeah! now 57. still got 1 more kg to go. haha i think is my leg la. they like enormous to me. pig thigh! played guitar hero and darts throwing which cost me3.5 thanks anthony treating us darts. hahaha.

class outing is tmr. sigh still considering should i go training first? but i will be super tired. duno go where. haha

BYE~ countdown 4 days left(pic on top)

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

hahaha. super funny for malacca training last night. doin aerobics and thinking of new formation to beat the other 2 teams and was busy drawing on the basketball courts. haha! copycats! just 1 rehearsal made me sweat like a pig. while waiting in the bus saw ameline acting emo haha. right?

hopefully tk can clear him back flip to boost our chances in winning. if not OMG... hahaha. wan to quit my job le after paying my mom 350. or maybe i just save and return slowly. dun feel like working today la stupid manager gif attitude.

i check my weight ytd night to submit a form guess wat! my weight is 58KG lleh. wtF!!! i seriously must stop eating food le. wat a disappointment la. thot everyday training might slim end up fatter! SHIT!


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congrats to tk as he finally got he want for 16years. haha straighten hair. haha seems to me he is very happy but his hair is slightly uneven. no use to it yet, soon i will, sorry not me is everyone. i whether wat acme ppl will comment on his hair. haha! can't wait.

was late for today training. alarm is not working for me. nid someone to wake me up. haha. i'm still slow dun wan to talk abit it. seriously pissing me off and upset. sigh...x100 tk treated us bubble tea leh. haha

reached home abt 5 super tired. my pay day is coming again but tis time i think money only 55 bucks bah. cos work 1 day only hahaha. not funny, no money! outing is coming too. i so not goin for a movie cos no money.

BYE~ see u guys at 8 dec. pls reply tk if u'r goin!

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